The bartender overheard a story


“Doing the rounds and dumping ice into the front ice chests I hear two ladies at the bar calmly talking. Obviously, simply being there, I start to tune in.

Female A: ‘So he was truly great in bed. We even had a joint right after. It was amazing! I feel so awful that I didn’t let him know. That is to say, he seemed to be OK with it and said he would call.’

Female B: ‘Well that is somewhat of a bitch move wouldn’t you say? I mean I have told guys when I am on my period well before anything got too far.

Female A: ‘Well it appeared as though he had killed somebody when we turned the lights on. It was all over. I didn’t think I was to be that heavy by any means. You should of seen the the walls, there was hand prints all over, one even got on some clock work poster that he had.’

After hearing that, I was doing my best not to not burst out laughing. So I go back to the cooler to get a couple more cases and upon my arrival, Female A is on the telephone and Female B ordered another round. When I put the beverages down, Female A pulls the telephone from her ear.

Female A: ‘Hello, is your name Bouncer Dave?’

Me: ‘Well just Dave, but, yes, how could I help you?’

Female A: ‘I am on the telephone with your roommate. Glen says, hi and get back to working hahaha’

Me: ‘…………………’

Come to think of it, Glen just purchased a Clockwork Orange poster and put it right above the headboard of his bed.

With the most outrageous poker face in the universe, i burst out laughing. Female A screams OMG he Knows! He knows! and both girls start to laugh. They didnt finish their drinks but the left a great tip a left right after.


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