Irene Benjamin taking us Back to Basics


The wine represent my wine-coholic family and my winemaker boyfriend. the oranges represent the memories of me and my friends sneaking to gardens to pick oranges after school. one of the things that I try to keep in mind all the time is our plant and that we need to take care of it so I am trying to promote an innovation and sustainable thinking in the bar world: wine tend to spoil very quickly and bars throw so much oranges because we use mostly the orange peels and unfortunately there is a limit to how many Harvey Wallbanger we can make for our costumers- so I was thinking why not make a syrup out of that and extend their lifetime. moreover for Back to Basics I decided to use Aquafaba- the water we use to boil chickpeas instead of egg white- in that way we use a cheaper, healthier and greener substitute that create the same texture like eggwhite. The aquafaba is also a representation of home for me as Israeli because one of the things that we know the most about is Humus, that made out of chickpeas. The prettiest thing is that you can make Back to Basics everywhere, at the bar as well as at your home. the cocktail has a sexy burgundy color and a comfort flavor.

At Bar Tales we loved her inspiration!


Checkout the full recipe here:




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