8 Brilliant ways to celebrate World Gin Day


Did you know that gin used to be a treatment for the Royal Navy who were infected with scurvy? Yeah, crazy right! Gin has definitely come a long way since the 1800s.

In London, 19 million liters of gin is consumed yearly and 40 new distilleries open. Believe it or not, a great way to celebrate National Gin Day is with a gin treasure hunt.  Yes, they are out there!  You can go on a mission, whereby you are using a map to stop at one of the best gin bars in the area. After finding the location, post snaps and post to your Instagram along with where the map took you to.

Drink Gin Beer At The Four Thieves – London

The Four Thieves is extraordinary compared to other lushes in London. It has a bar that stocks more than 70 sorts of gin and an area for golf, retro arcade recreations to keep you continually engaged.

To celebrate World Gin Day they’ve made 10 one of a kind gins with exceptional in-house fermented gin lager!


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