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We’ve all been there…whether you’re a rookie bartender or someone who has been making cocktails for years; finding a good BarGig can be difficult at times and there are very limited avenues to take. Usually you either know someone who knows someone, get lucky, or scan through random classified sites that are unhelpful. is an exclusive FREE social media site designed by Bartenders for Bartenders and most importantly, posts “BarGigs for the Bar Community”. Our talented team does this on a weekly basis and establishments can post for free as well. We do this so talented bartenders like you have a “GO TO” site where you can find your next gig.

Believe it or not, seems to be the only site around dedicated to connecting Bartenders to BarGigs. We like to think we are one of kind. Additionally, you can create a free profile, post pictures of your bar ventures, speak with others, contribute and promote yourself to all!

Even though our team stays diligently working on finding BarGigs, there is a bit of play in our world too. Our team stays exploring establishments & trends in the bar world. What’s hard work without playing harder!?

All of us know a great BarGig can lead to a lot of $$$ and a great time. is here to help you get on that path sooner than later. So create your profile, invite a friend and let the fun begin!!

Good Luck & BarTales!


The BarTales Team