Service Tips For Bartenders

Customer service is a huge part of being a bartender. It’s important to make sure every customer leaves your bar satisfied and longing to come back.

Always have a good attitude. This is important for any business. Treat every customer the same. A smile and greeting can go a long way.

Keep your bar clean. Always have a bar towel on hand to wipe down any spills.

Make suggestions. Your expertise can take you a long way and your customer will appreciate your advise.

Learn to memorize. You’re going to need to memorize drinks, names, and people. It will help you have a good short memory. Remember your regulars, they are important patrons.

Don’t be partial. Treat all your customers with the same respect and care. If you pay extra attention to one customer and leave the rest in the dust, your tips will suffer.

Check. IDs. Anytime you have a doubt, ask for ID. Serving underage people could even cost you your job.

Be professional. Bartending is a profession, treat it as such. A professional attitude and appearance will bring your customers back.

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