10 Interview Questions Bartenders May Get (and How To Answer Them)

When going into an interview it can be nerve wrecking because you don’t know what to expect. In your head, you try going over all the possible questions they may ask you, as well as your response to them. The best thing to do is to be calm and prepare prior to your interview. When going for a bartending interview, you are expected to show off your skills and answer questions. But don’t panic. Below are a couple of common questions that are asked in a bartending interview, along with an answer to help you formulate your response:

Question 1: What kind of responsibilities do you think bartending involves?
Possible answer: A bartender serves drinks. I believe that their responsibility is to serve customers as well as talking to customers. A bartender must keep the bar safe and clean, and help any other staff that may need it. Bartenders should be able to multitask.

Question 2: Would you be able to work evenings and weekends?
Possible answer: Yes, I am free to work at any time. When are staff notified on what shifts they will work? (It is okay to ask this question. Employers are supposed to give notice in advance.)

Question 3: Do you have any previous experience working as a bartender?
Possible answer: (Depending on your past experience is how you will answer this question. If yes, tell them about, describe what you did. If no, it’s okay just be honest. You do not want to be caught in a lie.)

Question 4: If a drunk customer came into the bar asking for a drink, but you know they are too drink, what would you do?
Possible answer: If a drunk customer came into the bar asking for a drink, I would try to offer the customer water or a nonalcoholic beverage. If the customer insists on a drink, I would politely say that I cannot give him/her a drink. I would notify my manager ASAP and tell my colleagues to not serve the customer any beverages, incase if the customer tries to approach them.

Question 5: What would you do if you discover that a person is underage and is using a fake ID?
Possible answer: If I was suspicious about an ID, I would ask my manager to double check it for me. It is always best to have your manager’s support incase if things go out of hand.

Question 6: If a glass falls on the floor and breaks, what do you do?
Possible answer: I would ask customers to stand back and/or walk around the broken glass. Either I or one of my colleagues would clean up the mess and dispose of it properly. Then, the floor should be mopped and a yellow warning sign should be left out to warm customers about the wet floor.

Question 7: During a seasonal holiday, for example Christmas, what type of drink would you recommend?
Possible answer: If it were Christmas I would recommend something festive and warm like an Eggnog cocktail or even mulled wine. (Here is a list of 30 Easy Fall Cocktails)

Question 8: Have you completed any bartending training?
Possible answer: (Depending if you have or haven’t is how you answer this question. If you have gone to a bartending school, let them know all about and what you learned.)

Question 9: What is your favorite drink to make?
Possible answer: (There is no right or wrong answer here. However, be aware that the interviewer may ask you to make it, so make sure you actually know how to make it.)

Question 10: What do you enjoy the most about bartending?
Possible answer: (Be honest; tell them what you like about bartending. It can be because you enjoy making and learning about different drinks and/or because you get the opportunity to socialize with different types of people. Also, as a bartender, whether people know it or not, you tend to learn a lot of skills.)

These were the 10 most common questions that an interviewer may ask at a bartending interview. Another tip we recommend is to practice making drinks, for example the common drinks like a Martini, or a Margarita. You never know if they will give you a list of drinks and ask you to make them on the spot. Be prepared for whatever question, or drink, they ask you.

We wish you the best of luck in your next interview! Cheers.