10 Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know How To Make

There are many different types of cocktails out there that can easily be made. From creative cocktails made by bartenders to the classics. Throughout the years there have been more and more cocktails that have been created. However, at the core of bartending are the classics – for example: the Martini, the Manhattan, the Long Island Iced Tea, and many more. These drinks have been served through many years at bars and continue being the drinks people enjoy.
However, there are other cocktails that are preferred over the classics. The new and improved cocktails are ordered so frequently that bartenders may forget how to make the classic drinks. The following are the top 10 drinks that every bartender should know how to make like the back of their hand.

1. Martini
… shaken not stirred. The gentleman’s classic also known as James Bond’s favorite drink.
Preparation: 2 oz. of Vodka/Gin and Dry Vermouth – stir ingredients with ice and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a skewer of olives.
– Dirty: add a dash of olive juice.
– Shaken: shake the Vodka/Gin with the ice instead of stirring it.
– On the rocks: served in a rocks glass with ice.

2. Manhattan
Preparation: 2 oz. of Bourbon/Whiskey, 1 oz. of Sweet Vermouth, and 2 dashes of Bitters. Mix all ingredients with ice and pour it into a martini glass or rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry.
– Bonus: instead of 1 oz. of Sweet Vermouth, add ½ oz. of Dry and ½ oz. of Sweet Vermouth.

3. Long Island Iced Tea
Preparation: ½ oz. of Vodka, ½ oz. of Rum, ½ oz. of Gin, ½ oz. of Triple Sec, and ½ oz. of Tequila – mix with ice and pour in a glass. Then add ½ oz. of Sugar Mix topped with cola and garnish with a lemon.
– Bonus: substitute Sugar Mix and Cola for Midori. This will make a Tokyo Tea drink.

4. Old Fashioned
Short for “Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail.” One of the oldest cocktails in the U.S.
Preparation: 1 ½ oz. of American Rye or Bourbon, 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Muddle the cherry without its stem, add the orange slices, bitters, and add sugar until it has reduced to mush. Next, add Whiskey and ice, then stir and serve.

5. Margarita
Preparation: 1 oz. of Tequila, 1 oz. of Cointreau or Triple Sec, and 1 oz. of Sour Mix. Mix all the ingredients with ice and shake. Pour into a glass with salt around the rim and a lime on the side.

6. Black Russian
Named either after the beginnings of the cold war or because of the black colored coffee liqueur and Russian vodka. Rumor has it that it was created in Brussels in a bar in the 1940s. This drink is the basis of two popular drinks: the White Russian and the Colorado Bulldog.
Preparation: 1 ½ oz. of Vodka, and ½ oz. of Kahlua or Coffee Liqueur. Mix all the ingredients with ice and stir. Pour into a glass over ice.
– White Russian: simply add ½ oz. of cream.
– Colorado Bulldog: simply add 1 oz. of cream and cola.

7. Mai Tai
Preparation: ¾ oz. of Bacardi Light Rum, ¼ oz. of Bacardi 151 Rum, ½ oz. of Orange Curacao, ½ oz. of Lime Juice, ½ oz. of Orgeat Syrup, and ½ oz. of Simple Syrup. Simply mix all the ingredients over ice and stir. Lastly, garnish with mint, cherry, and pineapple.

8. Negroni
Originated from Florence, Italy in 1919. Most commonly served as an appetizer before a meal.
Preparation: 1 ½ oz. of Sweet Vermouth, 1 ½ oz. of Gin, and 1 ½ oz. of Campari. Mix ingredients in a glass over ice and stir. Lastly, garnish with an orange twist.

9. Whiskey Sour
There are many different ways to prepare this drink but here is how we make it.
Preparation: 1 ½ oz. of Whiskey, 1 ½ oz. of Fresh Lemon Juice (or half a lemon), and ¾ oz. of Simple Syrup. Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour in a glass and garnish it with a cherry.

10. Piña Colada
The official drink of Puerto Rico. This drink is quite easy to make that it is seen everywhere, even in family gatherings.
Preparation: 1 ¼ oz. of Light Rum, 2 oz. of Pineapple Juice, and 2 oz. of Cream of Coconut. In a shaker, combine all the ingredients with ice and shake. After shaking, pour it into a glass and garnish it with a slice of pineapple and/or a cherry.
– Bonus: if you blend all the ingredients with ice you can get a frozen version of a piña colada.